The Brewcraft USA lot analysis program allows you to access specific malt analysis information based on the lot number printed on each bag of malt.

How To Use
Simply enter up to four different lot numbers (2 minimum characters) in the boxes below and click Submit to read your requested lot analysis. Numbers entered that appear in red upon Submit may be incorrect format or do not exist in our system.

As an example, GW-2ROW from LOT 1217 could be found by typing in GW2ROW-1217
Another example, BZ-VIEN from LOT 1998 could be found by typing in BZVIEN-1998

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Please enter at least one Lot number.

  • Lot Name
  • Moisture %
  • Extract FGAs
  • Extract FG Dry
  • Extract CGAs
  • Extract CG Dry
  • F/C Diff.
  • Color ° Lovibond
  • Diastatic Power
  • Alpha Amylase
  • Total Protein
  • S/T
  • Viscosity
  • Beta Glucan
  • Assortment 7/64
  • Assortment 6/64
  • Assortment Thru